Redesigning of a Fetchlane e-commerce website that sells vegan and ethical products. It also allows vendors to sell ethical products on their website

Assumptions & Hypothesis

Online shoppers need to be educated on the quality of ethical products.

Online shoppers need proof of certificate when they buy ethical products

Shoppers want to shop local 

Customers like low cost products and discounts

User Research

One on one's

Survey Responses

Competitor Analysis

Affinity sorting of our insights from the research.

Google Analytics

Page load time was 9.22 Seconds where as required load time is less than 2 seconds before users exit

Fetch for him and fetch for her were the most searched categories

Based on our user insights we arrived at common behaviours of our user group 

User Persona

Tested hypothesis :

Users seek validation of ethical products on website

Users don't necessarily want to shop local

Users trust word of mouth from their friends

Users don't necessarily want to shop local

Customers believe that if a product is ethical then it cannot be low cost

Behavioural variable map

Customer journey mapping


Heuristic evaluation of the existing site
HeuristicsofFetchlane (2).jpg
Customer journey

Customer journey mapping

Information Architecture
User flows
Wire frames & Usability Testing
Clickable Prototype